ECO Construction

Step into the future with ECO construction.  Prefabricated and unique properties.  Rapid construction, Cost efficient, High energy efficiency, 100% personal design and Eco-friendly Green housing.  We can also supply environmentally friendly designs and materials for your home designs.  All materials used are virtually recyclable.    The walls are internally and externally insulated to provide maximum energy efficiency levels. Many other features to maximize your Eco living from underfloor water based solar powered underfloor heating, smart glass and minimal waste during construction.  Please come and visit us or email us if you  require further information 



Currency Exchange 

We offer cash to cash exchange -  Please come and speak to us and we will match or beat any rates quoted to you .  


We offer Bank to Bank transfer 

We work with one of the most trusted and leading currency exchange providers.  We will help you get the most for your money with global payment specialists .  They deal directly with the currency market, allowing you to have a competitive price with your currency exchange.  No commission charges and no other hidden charges. NO FEES on depositing banker's drafts and many more....

They provide tailor-made solutions for thousands of corporate and private clients every year. Their strategy is to protect the clients from volatile fluctuations in the currency markets. They have their finger on the pulse to help the clients make a more informed decision on timing their currency purchase.

For live market updates and more information, please call us and speak to us or come for a coffee and chat to us. 

Get a quick quote by clicking here and put our name ' GREENS MORAIRA ' on the registration form TO GET YOUR SPECIAL RATE.


If you are interested, please contact us and we will get back to you.   We will be there to support you from registering yourselves with the service to transferring your money safely to your bank. 


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